Boost Telemarketing

Intelligent telemarketing solutions exclusively for the tech industry.

Boost Telemarketing, a division of Boost Performance, can help optimise your lead generation strategy by ensuring your sales & marketing team are best leveraging their strengths and ours.

We do this by working with you to:

  • Agree the outcome of any engagement;
  • Agree and define strong value proposition statements and Call To Actions; and
  • Agree what other Boost services could be leveraged to increase the chances of success (such as the creation of campaign-enhancing assets; the design and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns; and sales training).

In our experience, many competitive telemarketing companies fail to deliver real value due to their lack of seamless marketing and sales integration - resulting in wasted investments and dissatisfaction.

That's how we're different.


Does your Tech business need a Boost?

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