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Boost Launches Whitespace-Boosting Tool Kit

Whitespace, otherwise known as “Opportunity gaps”, is the identification of products or services in a VAR’s/MSP’s portfolio that have not been sold to a customer, so selling into it has many benefits, such as:

  • It’s a quick way to boost profitable revenues
  • It reduces competition and increases influence
  • It’s less expensive to sell something to an existing customer than a new one
  • It doesn’t require new sales resource

Many people in the tech industry talk about whitespace, but few are really harnessing its full potential, that’s why we’ve developed some pointers to help VARs and MSPs get started.

Our dedicated whitespace pages can be found here and includes an interview between Boost’s Managing Director, Darren Spence, and Consultant Journalist, Sara Yirrell, where they talk about the whitespace opportunity and how to develop an effective whitespace sales & marketing strategy. 

The pages also include information on how a “Triple P Analysis” is the ideal place to start when planning your whitespace strategy.  A Triple P Analysis is where you assess how your PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and PROPOSITION are aiding or hindering your growth potential and what remedial actions and activities you can take to fast track your profitable growth.

And finally, the pages include information on how an effective sales training programme can help enhance your strategy and get you generating profitable revenues faster.

Anyone interested in learning more should contact Boost today!

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