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Cyber Security and Data Breach Threat Round Up: 15 November 2019

The cyber security landscape is changing daily with numerous new data breaches and threats being reported every day. It can be hard for businesses to keep on top of all these and ensure that they are protected against the growing cyber threat.

Our first in a new series of fortnightly blogs which comprises of information gleaned from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), pulls together the latest cyber security threat reports to help your business stay on top form when it comes to knowing what the latest data breaches and cyber threats are. Please feel free to share this information with your own customer base.

In this blog…

A flaw has been revealed in Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Security researchers at Bitdefender have announced that they have found a flaw in Amazon’s Ring video Doorbell Pro, which could allow an attacker to steal home Wi-Fi credentials.  The device’s smartphone app sent credentials in plan HTTP language during set up and configuration. This means an attacker who is within close range could potentially target the device with a type of DoS attack, thus getting it kicked off the Wi-Fi network. When customers reconfigure their device, the details would then be exposed.

Ring’s tech team are currently working with Bitdefender to help fix this issue and the Doorbell Pro cameras have received a security update to fix the flaw moving forward.

Trend Micro Discloses Insider Threat Impact

Cyber security company Trend Micro has announced that a rogue employee has stolen and sold data belonging to them, potentially affecting thousands of its customers. 

Following an investigation, the company has taken action to ensure that no further impact of this data breach will affect its customers, however up to 70,000 of them have been affected by the breach.  Trend Micro has apologised to its customer base and shared key information to consider in the aftermath of this incident, including the fact that they do not call their customers unexpectedly. This data breach highlights that insider threats should be taken seriously, and organisations need to do all they can to protect their data from malicious employees.

Esports Tournaments at Risk from Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security researchers have warned of an increasing threat to the Esports industry, with Trend Micro issuing a report which looks at the threats posed to professional online games, tournaments and game companies.

Facebook Accepts a ICO Fine

An agreement has been reached this week between Facebook and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which relates to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The penalty of £500,000 has been paid by the Facebook although it does mean that they accept no liability relating to the penalty notice.

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