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Help Your Customers Make the Transition to Office 365 Via Carefully Targeted Adoption Campaigns

When selling Office 365 Adoption services to your customers as a partner of Changing Social, it is likely that they will already be using it but not to its full capability, or they will be considering the move to Office 365 and how this will affect their users.

If your customers have already invested in having Office 365 one of the first things you will want to help your customers with is where to begin with adoption. With the myriad of different applications included in Office 365 it can be easy to be bamboozled or overwhelmed with all the various options available.

What features are available to support Office 365 Adoption?

One of the most exciting features to be included in Office 365 is Microsoft Teams, which is a chat-based workspace that operates entirely on the cloud. It is a work client within Office 365 groups that gives users the option to create teams, collaborate on projects and work on documents in real time.

Those using teams can take full advantage of the Office 365 suite of applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and Outlook. They can share and access all the information they need from any device at any time, safely and securely

Which Features will work best for your customers business?

As Office 365 provides a growing set of applications and features, it is vital that you work closely with your customers to help them decide whether features need to be deployed across their whole organisation. This is where Changing Social comes in. By partnering with Changing Social, exclusively through Boost Technology Group, you can help your customers make that decision by considering their business needs, compliance, user experience and support levels that are right for them.

What happens after your customers have adopted Office 365?

Adoption doesn’t end after your customer has launched Office 365, it is a continuous cycle that should be driven by a clear adoption plan.  As the needs of your customers change and new applications and services are released in Office 365, the adoption cycle will always be a key part of your customer’s organisation.

Digital transformation is driving the business world today. The more prepared your customers are and the more they embrace this change, the better placed they will be to adapt to the digital world.

To learn more on how you can partner with Changing Social, available exclusively through Boost Technology Group, contact us today.

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