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Offering Adoption Change Management as a Service (ACMaaS) For Office 365

Your clients might need Adoption Change Management for a myriad of different reasons, from implementing new technologies, organisational changes or new strategies. You might be thinking of offering adoption change management as a service (ACMaaS) for Office 365, and increasing your profits and revenue stream through this, but before you do, read on.

Adoption Change Management is the key lever that drives the best Return on Investment.  By adding this offering to your portfolio of products you can differentiate yourself from the competition significantly.

When implementing an Office 365 adoption change management plan with your clients and customers it is important that the tools and techniques you use to manage the human nature side of the process are the right ones. A good change management process always involves tools that can be implemented to help ensure a successful transition to Office 365, or ensure that those who have more experience in using it but who aren’t using it to its full capabilities adopt it in days rather than months.

But how can you ensure your clients get on board with adopting Office 365?

Simplify Adoption Change Management for Your Clients and Customers

Before starting to implement any adoption change management plan it is important to formalise the process by taking some time out to answer a set of key criteria such as establishing where the client is today, the state of their current organisation, what tools they already have at their disposal and what are their preferred communication platforms.

For any adoption change management programme to be a success it must include a solid communications plan utilising as many different channels as possible, both online and offline. If you don’t have buy-in from your client for the change process before moving forward with the adoption plan, it will make the adoption process much harder to implement.

Keeping stakeholder groups and leadership teams up to date on the progress of the adoption change management plan is essential.  Change management often involves the whole organisation, so it is extremely important to communicate updates to the whole company throughout the process.

Another good consideration to have is the likely impact of change on certain teams and individuals as the adoption plan is rolled out. Change can be very stressful, especially if it is a last minute or responsive form of change rather than a proactive one. It is always good to look at things from the perspective of your clients and customers teams and the individuals involved, and imagine what impact the change will have on your employees job satisfaction and most importantly, their performance.

Looking into the Future

It is almost impossible to know if any adoption change management strategy was a success without a clear vision of what the end result is to be. This isn’t just applicable to immediately after implementation, but to how your organisation will view success 6 to 12 months later.

A successful adoption change management strategy depends on many people putting in a lot of hard work. Having a “Adoption Change Management in a box” service from Changing Social is a much better way of helping your clients see results from their adoption change strategies in days, not months. As a partner who offers ACMaaS you will also benefit from faster returns and generate new sources of revenue streams.

To find out more and to partner with Changing Social to add Office 365 adoption change management services to your portfolio, contact us today.


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