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The Cyber and Cloud threat Landscape in 2020 and Beyond – Part 1

The number of cyber security breaches grew in 209 at an exponential rate, together with the type and variety of cyber-attacks and breaches growing in sophistication. Businesses always need to stay one step ahead of hackers to counter the growing cyber threat that they face today.

Through 2020 and beyond, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited will be ones known to IT and security experts for at least a year. Organisations must keep focused to fix the vulnerabilities that they know exist to protect their customers. Sometimes these can be barely noticeable, but they can be simpler to exploit and cheaper to fix than to mitigate.

What are the key trends that we will see in cloud and cyber in 2020 and beyond?

At Boost Technology Group we have found several key trends will come to the forefront in cyber security and cloud in 2020 and beyond.  We believe that we will see an increase in automation in cyber security with a recent survey showing that over 79% of their respondents will use automated tools and platforms to help them combat the growing cyber threat. 

Cyber Security and Cloud spending will also increase as organisations look to do more to protect themselves against the growing cyber threat. Worldwide spending on cyber security solutions such as hardware, software and services is predicted to top £103 billion in 2020. This is an increment of 9.4% more than 2018.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence to help defend against cyber-attacks and the growth of 5G

The use of artificial intelligence will increase to help defend against attacks, but on the flip side there is likely to be an increase in AI being responsible for cyber-attacks. Attackers in 2020 will be likely to use AI strategies themselves to boost their criminal activities and won’t simply target AI systems. Automated systems controlled by AI could potentially test networks and systems for vulnerabilities that are not familiar and are likely to be exploited.

The growth of 5G may lead to more cyber-attacks. 5G is now here to stay, and with various network infrastructure developments taking place in the UK the growth of this new technology will have an impact on the amount of cyber-attacks we will see in 2020.

The Supply Chain is the Weakest Link

We also believe that the supply chain is likely to be even more of a weak link to allow cyber-attacks to take place. Attackers will often embed malware into software bundles when they are distributed and these attacks could happen when the software is made directly by the vendor, or via a third-party software provider.

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