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The Future of Cyber Security in the Midlands

At Boost Technology Group we are proud to support remote and agile working, with all our team members working remotely spread across the UK. Our Marketing Consultant Lisa Ventura lives in Worcester in the heart of the Midlands, which is also known as “Cyber Valley” due to its large concentration of cyber security and technology companies who are based there.

Lisa has extensive experience in the technology and cyber security industries and likes to keep abreast of the latest developments that are taking place in her home region. Lisa recently attended “The Future of Cyber Security in the Midlands”, organised by “Midlands Cyber” and “Midlands Engine”, to see what the latest innovations are and how they can help Boost Technology Group. Here is what she had to say about the event:

I’m very lucky to live in Worcester which has a rich history of technological innovations and is home to some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Qinetiq, Mazak and the Worcester Bosch Group. Back in 2005/2006 Qinetiq made a raft of redundancies with many of those who were affected setting up their own cybersecurity and technology companies. This has led to Worcestershire and the Midlands becoming known as “cyber valley”.

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge in cybersecurity and technology, so when I saw that “The Future of Cyber Security” would showcase the latest innovation in 5G industry 4.0 testbed opportunities I jumped at the chance to attend.

The event offered a chance to network and meet other leading cyber security and technology professionals including representatives from the National Cyber Security Centre, the newly launched BetaDen initiative and GCHQ which is based just half an hour down the road from me in Cheltenham. I was particularly interested to hear from Brian Lillie, Chief Technology Officer at Qinetiq, who talked about digital resilience and why companies need to embrace technological advances in order to stay competitive in their marketplaces.

The most interesting part of the event was finding out about 5G testbed and industry 4.0 opportunities. The Worcestershire 5G consortium has been chosen to begin the UK’s most comprehensive industrial 5G Testbed trial with a team of 5G specialists and business experts who will be pioneering the concept and development of “Industry 4.0”. This is a very exciting time for the UK, as 5G connectivity will revolutionise the way that business will operate in the future, both in the UK and globally. At Boost Technology Group we are always looking for new ways and initiatives that will help our clients improve their lead generation and sales, and the 5G Testbed trial will certainly help them in that regard. Adopting digital transformation is key to the evolvement of our partners and clients to help them stay one step ahead in their competitive marketplaces.

Representatives from businesses across the UK, not just in the Midlands, will be able to test 5G capabilities from January 2019 based at the Malvern Hills Science Park through a new commercial technology accelerator programme. A new collaborative workspace will be launched at the Science Park and I hope to be able to work from there 1 day a week, so I can find out more about the latest technological advances and developments, industry news and best practice and pass all this on to our clients at Boost Technology Group. We always go the extra mile for our clients and partners and look forward to passing on the knowledge we gain to them from being part of this new initiative.

We will post further updates from Lisa on these new technological advancements in the new year, along with insights on how they develop. We also look forward to passing these insights on to our clients and partners.

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