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Boost Technology is born …

In October 2015, the Award-winning B2B sales training company, Sales Gym 360 (trading also as Boost Training) was born, serving exclusively the tech industry.  

A year later the value proposition design and intelligence-led marketing company, Boost Performance was born, serving the same group of businesses – Tech Vendors, Disties, and Resellers.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing both brands together under one roof, Boost Technology Group.

Whilst Boost Performance and Sales Gym 360 will remain, Boost Technology will be the NEW lead brand and the new lead website.

Managing Director, Darren Spence, explains, "Since Boost Performance was launched the vast majority of the tech businesses we work with ask us to deliver a number of different integrated services, some from Boost Performance and some from Boost Training. To make it easier for them and to save them from having to work with two different operating companies and process two sets of invoices, we have taken the decision to bring our core services under one roof.

We have known for a while that our unique value is down to the integrated range of complementary services we provide. For example, a company may contact us wanting help training up their sales people, but more often than not realise that sales training is only part of a wider challenge they have.

Often what transpires is an integrated solution that comprises a range of our services that helps the company improve its value proposition and broader sales & marketing operating model, of which training is only a part, so this move provides a more logical engagement model for the market we serve.
We're excited to make this announcement and look forward very much to helping boost the performance of many more great tech companies."

The all-new Boost can be found here: Check it out!

Does your Tech business need a Boost?

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