Triple P Analysis

Does your whitespace strategy need a Boost?

What is a whitespace Triple P Analysis?

People | Process | Proposition

Boost can help you develop and implement a whitespace sales & marketing strategy – the first stage of which is to understand your current state.  We call this phase a Triple P Analysis as during this effort we will review and provide recommendations on the following:

Specifically: a) Which team members are doing a good job of selling into the whitespace and which less so; b) What can we learn from the “good ones”; c) What skills/behaviour improvements (if any) are needed across the broader team to help maximise whitespace sales;

Specifically:  a) What is the current process for driving whitespace sales; b) What whitespace success metrics are in place; c) What process improvements (if any) are needed to help maximise whitespace sales;

Specifically: a) How does the current proposition help maximise whitespace sales; b) What connected journey assets (if any) are currently in place; c) What proposition improvements (if any) are needed to help maximise whitespace sales

The output of our Triple P Analysis is a report detailing the recommendations and critical path needed to design and implement a whitespace improvement strategy.

Triple P Analysis engagements take 3 days effort from a Boost consultant, made up of one day of investigation, and two days write up. Triple P Analysis engagements carry an investment of £3,500+VAT.

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