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Whitespace Awareness Week. Day 2: Developing Connected Journeys

The best way to increase whitespace sales is to connect groups of products and services together in a logical sequence. 

For example, if a customer buys Office 365, there is a very high chance they will also need adoption/training/change management services (, security, backup and archiving solutions, cyber awareness training, support, cloud telephony integration, and much more.

The same applies to Azure, hardware sales, networking solutions, managed services and any other product or service you sell.

An example of a great connected journey is the Office 365 proposition work we did for Bytes - The website effortlessly guides the visitor through the complete buying process, constantly introducing them to complementary products and services.

If you do the thinking for your customer and make it really easy for them to buy complete connected solutions you will shorten your sales cycles, reduce competition, increase your influence, and materially increase your profitable revenue growth.

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